Saturday, May 31, 2014

Containment Barriers

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A very successful Fire Restoration project begins with getting a Containment Barrier  up as soon as possible after the fire has been put out. The sooner it can be established the better for obvious health reasons, but little do most people realize that if you hesitate to get the fire damage removed and get the Restoration process going, smoke and ash can linger and travel through out the undamaged portion of the house. It can be unseen and move very rapidly. An open exposed home with fire damage on one end of the house can spread the odor in hours not days. The Smoke from a fire can spread through out the entire house in only a matter of minutes.

Fire damage control containment barrier

Heavy smoke from burning fire carries toxic gases that penetrates floors, walls and ceilings. once the smoke has entered a room it becomes very difficult to remove the odor and trace residue. You should always contract professionals in emergencies like this. Once the sealed barrier is in place, and the  damaged portion is contained, only then can the home owners occupy and live in the rest of the undamaged part of the house.        

Fire restoration barrier
Doorway Containment Barrier
When a fire occurs in the house it is comparable to an infection in the human body. It must not be allowed to spread, so it is carefully isolated and treated until everything is back to normal. Herring Cleaning specializes in fire damage clean up, water damage restoration clean up and janitorial services.